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Run China-Upgrade the“National Business Card”and experience“Xichang”

2018 Xichang Qionghai Lake Wetland International Marathon race was successfully selected as the national IP

2018 "Run China. Amazing China” marathon series events

Xichang -- One of the ten most beautiful ancient cities in China

We are ready to run

"Run China" is a national-level large marathon series sponsored by CCTV and China Athletics Association and operated by Wisdom Sports Group.


In 2018, "Run China" ushered in a new era, new upgrades and new changes, and launched 30 marathons with the three themes of "One Belt and One Road", "Amazing China" and "Put the Reform to the End". Among them, "One Belt and One Road" reflects the new era of openness, inclusiveness and shared development, "Amazing China" expresses the concept of new era-- ecological civilization and people-oriented, and "Put the Reform to the End" to convey the spirit of a new journey with a long way to go. The three major themes go hand in hand, in order to celebrate the great achievements of the 40 years of reform and opening, interpret the importance of the "One Belt and One Road" national development strategy in the new era, and show the happy life of the people of the whole country in the amazing China under the leadership of the Party Central Committee.


Under the three themes, China’s urban events with different historical and cultural characteristics are attached together. Through sports activities, the national cultural self-confidence, the patriotic education of the people and the national strategy of public fitness are integrated to jointly endorse the Chinese sports culture. This highlights the national self-confidence and becomes a model of innovative practice in the sports culture.


With the launch of "Run China" in the 2018 , many cities, runners and media expressed their strong desire to participate in the "Run China" series. Public fitness is a national strategic industry that benefits the people's livelihood. It is a great undertaking that every Chinese must practice together. It is the physical and mental foundation of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. We hope that the positive energy of all sectors of society can converge on "Run China" and contribute a childlike heart,practice a social responsibility!

This year's Xichang Marathon was selected for the "Run China" Marathon Series, which was jointly sponsored by the China Athletics Association and China Central Television(CCTV), and operated exclusively by Wisdom Sports Group. The Xichang Marathon has become an important stop for the theme of Amazing China. It will also be the most intensive in the history of the Xichang Qionghai Lake Wetland International Marathon. And the event will also be broadcast live through 5 sets of CCTV.


Combine history with geography, integrate the customs and the human feelings, and experience every inch of land with your footsteps. This is the meaning of "Run China."


Xichang Marathon does not destroy the appointment!

Run China. Amazing China

Running beautiful Xichang, pursuing colorful Liangshan


From the perspective of Run China, we interpret the Amazing China, depict beautiful Xichang, and express the concept of ecological civilization and people-oriented of the new era.

Running beautiful Xichang, carrying the sports spirit of "pursuing excellence and breaking through oneself", not forgetting one’s original heart, moving forward, and bravely running on the road to realize the "Chinese Dream"。


The 5th anniversary occasion of Xichang Marathon

In the name of "Run China" marathon with unique ethnic customs, we will explore mountains and rivers, pursue beauty and love, and strive for the same "Chinese dream".


Xichang is known as the “Xiaochuncheng(Little Spring City)” and “Yuecheng(Moon City)”. It has both ancient city of primitive charm and unique Yi culture. It has a long Qionghai Lake and a magnificent gateway -- Datong Gate. It has endless aftertaste of lake food,as well as a rough delicious fire-pot barbecue.

Run China, running beautiful Xichang

Every runner is a teenager chasing the "Chinese Dream"

The mountain and water are beautiful scenery,the grass and wood are history.