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2018 The smile,tell people a story between you and Xichang Marathon

On August 30th, the 5th Anniversary Ventilation Meeting of the 2018 Xichang Qionghai Lake Wetland International Marathon (the following replaced by “Xichang Marathon”) was successfully held at Rhombus Park Aura Chengdu Hotel. This ventilation meeting was organized by the Xichang Marathon Organizing Committee. It aimed to discuss the development of Sichuan running business with the running groups in Sichuan. It also better promoted the highlights of the new year and future development plans of 2018 Xichang Qionghai Lake Wetland International Marathon.

Five years of Xichang Marathon, we are making progress

In 2014, Xichang Marathon, with the theme of “Running beautiful Xichang, pursuing colorful Liangshan”, attracted more than 20,000 people to participate. At the 2014 China Marathon Annual Meeting, Xichang Marathon was named as the “China Marathon Bronze Medals Competition”.


In the next year, the second Xichang Marathon was successfully held with the goal of “ promoting the Silver Medal Competition of China Athletic Association and building the most beautiful marathon track in China”. At the China Marathon Annual Meeting in the same period of 2015, Xichang Marathon successfully won the “China Marathon Silver Medal Competition” and “Characteristic Events”.


In 2016, “Run for the China Athletic Association Gold Medal Competition and building China's most beautiful marathon track” was the new objective of the Xichang Marathon and it led the Xichang Marathon runners run for a new round. In the same year, Xichang Marathon was promoted to the first marathon in the country to win the "Gold Medal Competition" in just three years.


Last year, Xichang Marathon, which became the “Gold Medal Competition” of the Chinese Marathon, continued its goal of building China's most beautiful marathon track in 2016, and continued to upgrade the race from the track and service.

In just four years, Xichang Marathon,first known as the domestic famous events, has stepped into the international big brand competition, and has created a monument after another.


On November 3rd, Xichang Marathon, which will celebrate its 5th birthday, will usher in a new challenge – to get the name of the “International Bronze Standard Competition”. Yesterday, on the eve of the official opening of Xichang Marathon, the Xichang Marathon Organizing Committee sat down with the runners inside and outside Sichuan to discuss the new development of Xichang Marathon.


5th Anniversary, Xichang Marathon starts from new

In the Xichang Marathon 5th Anniversary Ventilation Meeting, the Xichang Marathon Organizing Committee continued the practice of previous events, integrated development with the Sichuan regional running group, and together with many running groups to lead the running development trend in Sichuan.


At the same time, the Xichang Marathon Organizing Committee will continue to open the team registration channel through this meeting to unite with many running groups in Sichuan, continue to enhance the influence of the event, and respond to the call of “Public Fitness” to allow more people to participate in sports activities, and increase the viscosity of Xichang Marathon and runners.


During the ventilation meeting, the organizing committee also set a high goal for Xichang Marathon, which will hit the International Gold Standard Competition within three years!

In 2016, the Xichang Marathon Organizing Committee and Running Weekends launched the Xichang Marathon competition special train, which is the first marathon competition special train in China. In 2018, the Xichang Marathon Organizing Committee continued to cooperate with Running Weekends to optimize the special train’s service. Through the Xichang Marathon special train, the contestants do not need to ask for leave, and they will arrive at the stadium in one day and enjoy the exclusive gift packs and customized breakfast service. After registering on the official website of Xichang Marathon, the contestants can directly jump to the Special Train Service page to allow the contestants to enjoy the one-step service.


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