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First lesson of the school:The strongest Post-95s‘Spirit of the Marathon

September 2nd is the anniversary of the victory of the War of Resistance Against Japan. The 82-year-old headmaster Hao Youming of Beijing Chaoyang Foreign Language School gave the children the first lesson to commemorate this special day.

Principal Hao greeted the students with both crutches. Each bow was an entrustment and expectation to the children. He taught them how to behave in a polite manner. Every year, Hao taught his children the first lesson of the school for past 20 years, and the children have responded to the feelings of teachers and students with the same etiquette.

The first lesson of school becomes more significant on such a memorial day.

Similarly, on the occasion of the "start of school" in Xichang Marathon, there is a "principal" who is willing to take this "first lesson" personally for all runners who love and participate in the marathon.

For this headmaster, we prefer to call him " the Strongest Post-95s " on the track of Xichang Marathon.

In 2018, Mr.Liu Zhongxin has officially become a " Post-95s ". He is 95 years old.

In year 2016, Mr. Liu, joined the Xichang Marathon for the third time. From the staff to the runners, nobody believed that the spiritual old man was 93 years old.

On the anniversary of the victory of the Anti-Japanese War, the Xichang Marathon Organizing Committee went to visit Mr. Liu. The 95-year-old man is still in high spirits. He told us the story of his war of resistance against Japan and his indissoluble bond with the marathon. He also said that this year's Xichang marathon, he also wants to join!

It is the right thing for the " Post-95s "to give the first lesson for a marathon runner!


Marathon's first lesson: Persistence

When Mr. Liu was retired, most of the runners were not yet born.

At that time, he began to run in the morning every day, playing football with friends, as long as he had the opportunity to participate in a marathon race he would not fall, and it lasts for 40 years.

He stressed that we must keep exercising, keep a good attitude, keep running, and maintain a positive mood. This is the secret of his longevity and health.

He has been in the Xichang Marathon for four years, he said: Safety is always the first thing, and then enjoys the whole race process.

Marathon's first lesson: Struggle and Dedication

Mr.Liu Zhongxin, nearly a hundred years old, was an outstanding anti-Japanese soldier when he was young. The Chinese dream of national rejuvenation deeply imprinted on his mind.


In year 1939he joined the Shandong's Anti Japanese war


In year 1945he studied in Whampoa Military Academy and took part in the battle of Laohekou

In year 1947he joinied the "Northwest king" Hu Zongnan team which has gone through dozens of battles.

In year 1950he joined the PLA team and came to Xichang with the 184 division.

The veteran, who has gone through a barrage of bullets, has made the marathon his second "battlefield" and is still dedicated to the country.

Mr. Liu has always believed that the Chinese dream of national rejuvenation can be built by the spirit of Marathon in peaceful times.


Declaration of Xichang Marathon

1. "42.195" is a symbol of victory.

2.The international marathon is the memory of justice defeating evil.

3. The enquiry of the veterans is the exhibition of the 70th anniversary of the victory of the Anti-Japanese War and the Anti-Fascist War, a reappearance of courage and a symbol of peace.

4. The marathon race is a healthy way from weakness to longevity.

5. Build the Chinese dream of national rejuvenation with the spirit of marathon.



Contestants: 92 year old veterans of the Anti-Japanese War

Liu Zhongxin (Zhi Zhen)

October 28, 2015, Xichang

Once upon a time, this veteran carried the dream of national rejuvenation with guns and blood and sweat, and now he inspired his descendants to use his life to teach this first lesson to all marathon runners to carry on this dream.

He is Liu Zhongxin, the veteran of the Anti-Japanese War,the " The strongest Post-95s " in marathon race.