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2018 Xichang Qionghai Marathon丨It’s time to fight for team!

When a runner goes for a ride on the road, he is always alone.

15 kilometers... Easy to fight;

25 kilometers... Miserable;

35 kilometers... Mechanically running;

And the last 5 kilometers, I tried my best to run but feel inadequate.


Team strength is the most powerful.


When you feel tired and want to give up, if someone is walking with you at this time

Maybe you will find the real reason for running.


How long have you been fighting for the team?


Running in beautiful Xichang, pursuing colorful LiangshanThe gold


medal race, known as "the most beautiful track in China" which I've been thinking about for long.


2018 Xichang Qionghai Lake Wetland International Marathon is coming


For this time,do you still want to run alone ?



2018 Xichang Qiong Hai Wetland International Marathon team competition now is ready to be enrolled


Please scan the two-dimensional code below to enroll immediately


Registration information




Team can be formed of 5-7 people,divided by male and female. 


A team name (within 6 Chinese words) is needed when applying for the race, otherwise the team will be rejected by the organizing committee.


The team will be ranked according to the net time results of the top four players who have finished the race within the closing time of each team on the day of the competition (If the finisher is less than 4 people, the result will not be ranked). If the final result is equal, the team's net time performance of the first player will be compared, the less will rank better. If it is the same again, the list will be tied together (no next place).


Runners who have participated in individual races are free on the official website! For the team registration!



Review for 2017 Xichang Qionghai Lake Wetland International Marathon


Daji Battle Team

In year 2017, a group of mysterious master runners set up a "Daji Battle Team",they won the first place in the women's half marathon team competition!


This year, they will continue to join the competition.Whether they can win the championship or not, lets wait and see!


Pidu District goddess team

Pidu District goddess team won the fourth place in the women's half marathon team competition last year. Let's continue to look forward to their achievements this year!



Chongqing powerful running team

Group memberWang Kangwei, Zhang Dachun, Huang Guanjun, Xu Jian, Tang Nan Jin.

First of all, we are very satisfied with the organization and service of Xichang marathon. We attach great importance to the competition. We always know about the training of our teammates before the match, and make some tactical arrangements according to the individual situation. Finally, thanks to the hard work and perseverance of each teammate for the good result!


Chongqing powerful running team won the second place in men's marathon team competition last year.this is year they're aiming at the first place.lets look forward to it!


Huili mutton rice noodles team

In year 2017, Huili Running Team formed nine teams to participate in the team competition. In order to publicize the Huili Running Team, the names of the teams were all named after the delicacies of Huili County.


At last, Huili mutton rice noodles team got the seventh place in the women's half marathon team competition and has made a historic breakthrough in Huili County.


Catch up with your little buddies.

Lets Find the lost dopamine together!