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Smile collection丨It is said that runners who love laughing run fast!

A smile will bring joy and warmth.

A photo stops the clock.

it is the memory of Xichang Qionghai Lake Wetland International Marathon.

Nothing can stop us to smile to the world.

sister Xi reminds everyone here.

There are 17 days before 2018 Xichang Qionghai Lake Wetland International Marathon

Do you feel happy, excited, and surprised?

Now its time for you to come to Xichang to enjoy the warm sunshine.


The most beautiful marathon race track is waiting for you .

And also the beer and the barbecue.

Can't you wait to come here?


I can't wait to see your lovely face.


Send me your smiley face.

Bring your smiling face to Xichang Qionghai Lake Wetland International Marathon!

Smiling faces

I. Time of collection: from now to October 28th

2.The way of collecting:

Send photos to official mailbox:

3. After the collection, you can see your smiling face at the Torch Square on November 3rd on the race day.

Specific requirements for photo collection

1. JPG and other general photo formats are okay .The size of the photo should below 1MB. with bright light, facial features of smiling face.

3.The smiling faces involved in the photo can be the author himself or the others.

4.Extra tip:

The organizing committee has the right to cut, modify or delete the photos that do not meet the requirements.

The organizing committee can use the free smiley faces photos without paying the remuneration In the marathon publicity.

The legal liabilities of the photographs submitted, such as the right of portrait, the right of reputation and the right of signature, shall be borne by the submitter himself. (final interpretation power belongs to the Xichang Marathon Organizing Committee)

Tagore said,When a person smiles, the world will love him.

(you look so nice when you smile).

Use your smile to infect the sister Xi.