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Event information|The special train for Xichang Marathon is already ready to go!

It's less than 10 days before the start of the2018 Xichang Qionghai Lake Wetland International Marathon, the participants who is going to take the special train from Chengdu are already ready to start. Please remember the departure time of the train and avoid missing the train.

Chengdu to Xichang:

Departure time:  17:55November 2nd  (Friday)

Departure station: Chengdu North Station (No. 1 Station East Road, Jinniu District,Chengdu, Sichuan)

Arrival time: November 3rd  (Saturday) around 6 o'clock to XiChang Railway Station

After arriving in Xichang, we will provide the shuttle bus to the event place.

Xichang to Chengdu :

Departure time: 19:38November 4th  (Sunday)

Departure station: XiChang Railway Station (No. 6 Yingbin Road, Xichang, Liangshan Yi Autonomous Prefecture)

Arrival time: arriving at Chengdu on November 5th (Monday) around 6:26.

(one-way participants can ignore this message)

Your train ticket has already been released.

Please don't be worried. We will inform the train ticket information as soon as possible.

Service plan

We will serve you at Chengdu North Station at 12 o'clock,November 2nd.

Your package will be distributed at Chengdu North Station.

Note: The specific service address and other notifications will be confirmed before November 1st , and you will be reminded by official account and SMS. Please pay attention to it!

All you have to do now is to adjust yourself,pack your luggage, and then fly with Sister Xi on the most beautiful track in Xichang.

And what you concerned most is the exclusive list of peripheral welfare, Official (5th anniversary edition) slippers + empty cap, absolutely will be in place!

Customer Service For Especial Train: Lena 17318606150

The official souvenir for 5th anniversary of the "Xichang Marathon

 no stop" is now in the hot open to booking.

Xichang Marathon 5th anniversary T-shirt

Xichang Marathon 5th anniversary cell phone shell

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In addition! There are other 5th anniversary souvenirs will be on the shelves around: mugs, cup mats, card sets + key chains, refrigerator stickers and other products, to help your trip to Xichang!